How to Legally Grow Marijuana in Canada

The cannabis plant has always been quite controversial in many countries since the discovery of its uses, with continuous debates about its benefits and risks, as although the plant is known for a wide range of medical uses, it has also been a popular recreational drug with psychoactive effects, the primary reason why the drug has been heavily regulated and even banned in a lot of countries until today. In the recent years, however, more and more countries and states have started to recognize medical marijuana and have successfully implemented the legalization of the controversial plant for medical use. Click here to get your  Health Canada registration grow license .

In Canada, where Cannabis was strictly banned in the 1920s until medical cannabis was legalized in 2001, steps are taken again to decriminalize the casual use of the substance and to create an acceptable process of completely legalizing its personal use. Until, then, the sales of the substance is only allowed with a proper prescription from a physician, while the cultivation of the plant itself is allowed under certain licenses from Health Canada, and must be for medical purposes only. This regulation has allowed large producers in the country to manufacture medical marijuana products, especially with the growing awareness of the larger population about the impressive medical benefits from the plant that a lot of people have attested to. Look up grow weed pot Canada online for more info.

For companies and individuals that want to get in the medical marijuana business or for personal medical purposes, registrations must be made under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations or ACMPR. If for personal use, prior to submitting a registration form, the applying individual must first consult with a licensed medical practitioner to secure a medical document that will state their medical need for the product. As a requirement, the applicant must also be at least 8 years old, live in Canada, and has no conviction of any offense related to the use of the substance. Registrations are still quite strict and will always limit the production amount to ensure regulation before an ACMPR Production License can be released. Once production has started, registered producers can also submit their products to the organization for proper content testing in order to guarantee quality, especially that medical cannabis products must have a higher CBD content and low THC levels to significantly control the psychoactive component of the substance. Furthermore, this also helps to ensure consumers that the medical cannabis products they are getting from the country is tested and reliable for its intended medical use.